The COVID-19 pandemic drove a sharp increase in demand for PPE. The Black Country-based Ramfoam secured a contract to supply the UK Government with 3.5 million face visors per week to help protect workers across the public sector. To achieve this, they had to scale their output by 300 times in a matter of weeks. Add the pandemic-related supply chain disruption to the mix and the challenge might have seemed insurmountable.

With digital manufacturing and supply chain support from WMG, they were able to reach this target within five weeks, becoming the largest UK supplier of PPE to the NHS. This has created 550 new jobs for the local economy and secured a further 750 in the supply chain, with the company now having produced 55 million visors for the NHS to protect vital keyworkers. Ramfoam are now selling their RamfoamCare+ visors worldwide and exploring ways to improve manufacturing sustainability with WMG.

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