Sustainability and net zero in manufacturing

81 megatons of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions are generated by manufacturing each year. From hydrogen and nuclear energy to transport electrification and low-carbon composites, we enable the innovations in technologies, techniques, materials and energy that can have a big impact on reaching net zero.

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Leading the green manufacturing revolution

Slashing manufacturing emissions

Whether by data-driven productivity improvements or by developing new techniques or materials, we are enabling hundreds of companies to drive down their manufacturing emissions each year. We are also leading regional initiatives to decarbonise industry that will lead the way to a much greener UK manufacturing community. 

Enabling low carbon energy

Green energy is the foundation of net zero, powering our lives and the economy while protecting the environment. We are driving emissions down by helping the country embrace nuclear, hydrogen and renewable energy.

Developing new sustainable materials

Moving away from oil-based plastics and non-recyclable materials is crucial to humanity’s environmental impact. We are supporting the development of innovative bioplastics and sustainable composites that can be recycled and reused for a more sustainable circular economy. 

Electrifying vehicles

Transport is the single biggest source of UK territorial carbon emissions. We are helping to change this by both cutting emissions from conventional vehicles and driving net zero transport solutions forwards in road, rail, air and sea travel.

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We can help you to deliver your net zero policy on a local or national scale.

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