Digitalisation in manufacturing: Transforming production

Digital technologies are transforming all aspects of modern life. Applying these to manufacturing, we help companies drastically reimagine their production, making significant savings in cost, waste and emissions.

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Supporting the digital manufacturing revolution

Increasing productivity

The collection and analysis of key production data lets manufacturers streamline their systems, helping to identify capacity and capability issues. Our work enables significant increases in productivity, with more produced in the same or less time and a bigger opportunity in the market.

Connecting the supply chain

Sharing production data between companies in the manufacturing supply chain helps to manage supply and demand. We help all parties to be more resilient in their operations, ramping up and down as necessary with fewer harmful lags between increases in demand and production.

Slashing waste

A major benefit of digital manufacturing is the potential to dramatically reduce both errors in production and materials used in prototyping and development. We help companies to use less material to manufacture the same products, helping to make processes more sustainable.

Accelerating opportunities for innovation

Using machine learning and data analysis, manufacturers can identify clear opportunities for new products and processes, and test production scaling. We help to accelerate the product cycle, getting innovations to market quicker.

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5G Factory of the Future: the smart factory of tomorrow starts today

Efficiency, productivity and sustainability are everything in manufacturing. From advanced product and machine tracking to autonomous warehouse transportation and remote assistance for operators, these digital technologies can help lower production costs, boost productivity and sharpen competitive edge.

3 February 2022


The Skills Value Chain

The Skills Value Chain (see below) is an approach that connects workforce development with the wider innovation ecosystem, leveraging the technological know-how of Centres of Innovation (like the HVM Catapult) to build an industrial skills base fit for the future.

3 February 2022

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UK Manufacturing Forum

When thought leaders are brought together, incredible things can happen. This is why we partner with the University of Cambridge’s Institute for Manufacturing to convene the single largest group of leading academics, researchers and industry representatives each year.

3 February 2022

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