Manufacturing workforce development and training

A thriving economy needs an effective system for training new engineers and technicians, and to continually progress the skills of those in the workforce. In partnership with UK government, we are building the foundations for a new UK skills system.

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Building foundations for technical upskilling

Supporting national skills systems

In our 2020 report Manufacturing the Future Workforce, we worked with the Gatsby Foundation to develop a holistic approach to manufacturing skills development in the UK. This, and our continuing work in the area, now forms the basis of the UK Government’s Emerging Skills Programme and supports national skills development.

Skills Value Chain

We identified the key role that research and technology organisations, like the HVM Catapult, could play in a successful Skills Value Chain. We are helping to develop the UK’s skills ecosystem to give our industries a truly competitive edge in global markets.

Foresighting future technological skills

We assemble experts from across relevant groups to identify the likely ‘future-state’ of skills needs in a sector or economy, responding to the relative maturity of new technologies. Comparing this to the ‘current state’, we help to identify the learner groups that will require these future skills and which parts of the existing, adult workforce will need upskilling.

Convening industry and government

Responsive and effective technical education relies on the agreement of industry, researchers and governments to establish themes, standards and structures. We use our unique position to bring these groups together, helping to build a manufacturing skills system fit for the future.

Three pillars of innovation

Workforce development is one of the three pillars that supports the commercialisation of new technologies.

Our technology areas
Manufacturing technology and machinery
Technology development

Developing new technologies can transform a business, market, or economy. We support commercial research and development, helping manufacturing companies to take advantage of novel new technologies and techniques.

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Supply chain development

Establishing reliable supply chains is vital for the widespread adoption of new technologies. We help manufacturing companies to develop and optimise supply chains for new and existing products and technologies.

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We can help you to develop a skills system fit for your local community.

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