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From basic production foundations to the latest manufacturing technologies, we can help scale-up and grow your business.

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Engineer behind manufacturing equipment

Enabling growth and scaling production

New product design

We help to bring exciting new technologies to life, providing manufacturing companies with the tools to break into new markets or develop new cutting-edge, market-leading products.

Scaling manufacturing

There’s a huge difference between manufacturing 100 products and a million. We can help you to adapt your product designs and manufacturing processes for large-scale production.

Upskilling the workforce

We can help you identify and adopt new technologies to help you produce more quickly and efficiently. We can also train your workforce to ensure success.

Optimising the factory floor

Sometimes, increasing your production is as simple as finding the bottlenecks in your line and designing a new layout for your factory floor. We can help you build the foundation for manufacturing growth.

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Two people test a manufacturing product


Slashing waste for recyclable Alternative Pallets

WMG helped the Alternative Pallet Company save 6 tonnes of waste per month and build a profitable new product line

6 February 2023


Scaling up a new process to create synthetic DNA

CPI helped Touchlight to scale-up their cell-free dbDNA process, grow their business and secure £147m private investment.

6 February 2023


New sustainable safety razor could save thousands of lives

NMIS helped Brengor Innovation design produce over 1,000 sustainable razors a day at a cost competitive with traditional products.

6 February 2023

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We can help you to transform your products, the way you make them and the skills of your workforce.

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