Manufacturing problem solving: Finding solutions

No matter the complexity, it’s likely other companies have experienced similar challenges to yours. We use our experience of working with over 20,000 companies to bring insight to your manufacturing problem and move towards a solution.

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Solving manufacturing problems

Solving business challenges

We have developed the perfect tools to solve your manufacturing problems. Working closely with you, our experts will help to get to the foundation of your business challenge and build a bespoke solution from the ground up.

World-leading manufacturing experts

With world-class expertise, our engineers and scientists are advising manufacturing companies of all sizes on how best to move beyond challenges both on the factory floor and in the manufacturing supply chain.

Access to cutting-edge equipment

We invest in the best equipment that is available each year and develop our own manufacturing technology and techniques. As an impartial service, we will help you to trial these technologies only when we believe it to be the best fit for your manufacturing problem.

Cross-industry experience

We work in all manufacturing industries, giving us incredible insight on how technologies and techniques developed for other manufacturing problems could be adapted and deployed for your use.

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Decision making robot could revolutionise manufacturing

Using a combination of machine learning and visual recognition, the robot can be taught to make assembly decisions based on the components put in front of it, in a breakthrough development which could save manufacturers the costs of expensive fixed tooling.

3 February 2022

Large manufacturing equipment


Dental aerosol protection equipment to safeguard against airborne particles

To help address this, the MTC has developed ‘Halo’. Designed to protect dentistry staff and patients against contaminated aerosol particles, it provides up to 99% protection when used in conjunction with standard dental high-volume extraction equipment.

3 February 2022


Developing an aerosol-generating procedure shield to protect NHS workers

Identified as an opportunity to reduce the exposure our healthcare workers face when treating patients, the enhancement offers a number of benefits, including a substantial weight reduction from 9kg to 4.5kg, improved visual clarity and ease of use.

3 February 2022

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