What we do: accelerating manufacturing innovation

We translate ideas into commercial reality, driving original research to the market.

Who we work with
Two manufacturing engineers wearing orange suits

Tackling business challenges

Engineer behind manufacturing equipment
Business growth & scaling

From basic production foundations to the latest manufacturing technologies, we help manufacturing companies to scale-up production and grow their business.

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Manufacturing technology and machinery
Technology development

Developing new technologies can transform a business, market, or economy. We support commercial research and development, helping manufacturing companies to take advantage of novel new technologies and techniques.

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Supply chain development

Establishing reliable supply chains are vital for the widespread adoption of new technologies. We help manufacturing companies to develop and optimise supply chains for new and existing products and technologies.

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Two manufacturing engineers doing skills training
Skills & Training

Our centres offer apprenticeships, continuous professional development (CPD) courses and bespoke training to help build and maintain the high-level skills UK manufacturing needs.

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Two HVMC employees solving a problem together at a desk
Problem solving

We use our experience of working with over 20,000 companies to bring insight to individual manufacturing problems and move towards solutions.

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Manufacturing researcher at work

At the meeting point of businesses and researchers, we play a key role in encouraging research led by commercial demand. We help to apply this ground-breaking research in the thousands of projects we work on each year.

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Helping solve national and global challenges

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Policy insight & intelligence

Our industry and technology insights make us an ideal partner in the development and delivery of national or local policies. By convening industry voices, we help shape policies that secure strong buy-in and produce results.

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sustainability and net zero - a wind turbine
Sustainability & net zero

We enable the innovations in technologies, techniques, materials and energy that can have a big impact on reaching net zero.

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Regional development

We are playing our part to distribute investment across the UK, attracting inward investment from multinational companies and developing homegrown companies of all sizes.

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Two people stand by manufacturing equipment
Workforce development

A thriving economy needs an effective system for training new engineers and technicians, and to continually progress the skills of those in the workforce. We are helping to build the foundations for a new UK skills system.

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person using digital VR technology

Digital technologies are transforming all aspects of modern life. Applying these to manufacturing, we help companies drastically reimagine their production, making significant savings in cost, waste and emissions.

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CPI engineer using health testing equipment
Improving public health

In the age of global pandemics, maintaining and improving public health is a key national priority. We help healthcare companies to bring effective new products to market and apply that insight in other sectors, supporting our collective health.

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Total R&D directly linked to our activity in 2020/21

Industrial partners in 2020/21

Commercial projects in 2020/21

The HVM Catapult works with thousands of companies each year to boost the UK’s manufacturing performance.

We’re helping to move cutting-edge research from the UK’s world-leading universities into the commercial market, supporting companies to transform the products they sell, the way they make them and the skills of their workforce.

Help with finding funding

We work with companies to develop funding proposals and at times make introductions to investors. We do not offer grants, loans or other direct financial support to companies.

There are, however, a number of organisations (such as Innovate UK) that can provide funding assistance.

To find out more about funding opportunities, please visit the Innovate UK website.

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