At the meeting point of businesses and researchers, we play a key role in encouraging research led by commercial demand. We help to apply this ground-breaking research in the thousands of projects we work on each year.

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Developing new technologies and techniques

Our manufacturing experts are creating brand new technologies and techniques to boost the manufacturing sector We then use these original ideas to help companies to innovate in their markets.

Roadmaps for UK R&D

Knowing where the industry is heading is crucial to your research and development planning. To help with this, we work with a broad range of partners to plot sector- and technology-specific research and development roadmaps for the UK.

Applying research in all industries

When you develop a tool, there’s a good chance it can also be useful outside the specific situation you built it for. We use our cross-industry experience to move tools into any situation where they can have an impact.

Collaborative R&D Partner

We create and co-ordinate collaborative R&D projects that push the boundaries of manufacturing innovation across sectors. As an experienced partner, we have insight into what elements help to win highly competitive funding bids.

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Net zero manufacturing

As the lead on industrial processes, the HVM Catapult has identified the key areas that should be of global focus: net zero design and make; and tracking emissions throughout manufacturing supply chains.

3 February 2022


Pioneering Modern Methods of Construction for Liverpool’s recovery

The MTC is participating in a programme that could make the Liverpool city region a national centre of excellence for modern methods of construction for housing and related infrastructure.

3 February 2022


Pressing ahead with rehab revolution

The AMRC has helped a Sheffield SME transform healthcare by making a rehabilitation innovation 11% lighter and cutting the cost of manufacturing for three components by a combined 73%.

3 February 2022

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We can help you to develop new technologies and techniques, or to apply ground-breaking research to your business challenge.

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