Addressing public health challenges through manufacturing

A lasting impact of the global Covid-19 pandemic is that maintaining and improving public health is an increasingly important national priority. We help healthcare companies to bring effective new products to market and apply that insight in other sectors, supporting our collective health.

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Shaping a healthier society

Vaccines and therapeutic innovation

Reliable and timely therapeutic treatment is crucial to preventing or treating new diseases and viruses. We help to accelerate vaccine and pharmaceutical innovation, getting effective treatments to market faster.

New medical devices

New medical devices open innovative avenues for therapeutic treatment. We support the development and production of new medical technologies, supporting manufacturers in navigating regulation to help those in need. 

Technologies supporting health gains

It’s not only medical devices that can improve public health. We use our cross-industry expertise to identify solutions in preventing disease transmission for areas like transport, where anti-microbial materials can have a real impact.

Getting expertise to the right place

In medical situations, quick transmission of expert knowledge can hugely benefit outcomes. We use our experience with virtual and augmented reality in manufacturing to help develop innovative new treatment and training pathways for medical professionals.

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Anti-microbial poles for public transport could help in future pandemics

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic many people have been hesitant about taking public transport. In part, this is due to the potential risk of picking up germs from areas travellers must use, such as the grab-poles on trains, buses and trams.

3 February 2022


A new £250m PPE supply chain

Like other parts of the UK, Scotland’s critical NHS supply chains were under extreme pressure in 2020. The NMIS-AFRC stepped forward, as part of a Scottish Government led working group, to make sure that supplies were maintained.

3 February 2022

Large manufacturing equipment


Dental aerosol protection equipment to safeguard against airborne particles

To help address this, the MTC has developed ‘Halo’. Designed to protect dentistry staff and patients against contaminated aerosol particles, it provides up to 99% protection when used in conjunction with standard dental high-volume extraction equipment.

3 February 2022

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