Who we work with: Delivering powerful solutions

We work with industry, researchers, and government to transform the UK manufacturing sector.

Our impact
Large manufacturing equipment
Start-ups and entrepreneurs

A business’ first steps into a sector are always the hardest. We’re helping start-ups to scale and grow quickly in manufacturing.

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Small and medium manufacturers (SMEs)

Our experienced teams of SME experts are here to help you transform your manufacturing business and grow your bottom line.

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Large and multinational manufacturers

Tailored support for manufacturing research and development programmes, presenting cost-effective opportunities to improve business performance.

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Infrastructure companies

Helping infrastructure companies introduce advanced manufacturing techniques and new technologies to transform their projects.

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Researchers and academics

Opportunities to apply engineering research to live industrial use cases and move it towards commercial success.

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Supporting policymakers across a broad range of issues and at every level of government, helping to deliver ambitions in industrial and regional development.

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Key facts

Slashing manufacturing emissions

We are enabling companies to drive down emissions each year and leading regional initiatives to decarbonise industry. Together, this will lead the way to a much greener UK manufacturing community.

Developing regional industry clusters

Our centres are building communities for industrial collaboration in areas around the country. Each facility is attracting companies in growth industries, helping to connect manufacturing companies and accelerate technological innovation.

Leadership in Manufacturing

With our broad and deep expertise, we lead the development of national and regional engineering infrastructure, with a unique position in the sector.

Creating brand new technologies


Our manufacturing experts are creating brand new technologies in the sector. We then use these manufacturing technologies to help companies to innovate in their markets.

Supply chain resilience


Turbulent international logistics are impacting global networks. We are helping the sector build from the lessons of the pandemic with more resilient supply chains. 

Foresighting future technological skills

We convene experts from across areas in engineering, education, and policy to identify the necessary skills for future technologies and build systems to meet these needs.

manufacturing businesses supported since 2011

SME businesses transformed each year

of the UK’s best engineers, scientists and technicians

The HVM Catapult works with thousands of companies each year to boost the UK’s manufacturing performance.

We’re helping to move cutting-edge research from the UK’s world-leading universities into the commercial market, supporting companies to transform the products they sell, the way they make them and the skills of their workforce.

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