How we work with infrastructure companies

Helping infrastructure companies introduce advanced manufacturing techniques and new technologies to transform their projects.

Road infrastructure from above

Working together

Physical infrastructure innovation

Most of the UK’s physical infrastructure (eg bridges and tunnels) is over 70 years old. We’re helping to develop the next generation of low carbon build and maintenance.

Communication and data

We can help you harness the power of data through broadband and 5G. Real-time automation, monitoring and tracking, alongside remote operation and training, can transform your plans for national infrastructure.

Transforming logistics and supply chains

We can help you to develop and optimise your supply chain, looking for savings in cost and emissions.

Off-site manufacture

With our deep expertise in manufacturing and engineering, we bring insights from all industries to the off-site production of infrastructure components and subassemblies, helping you to cut costs and emissions.

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Engineering partners since 2011

Innovation projects since 2011

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The High Value Manufacturing Catapult works with thousands of businesses each year. We’re helping infrastructure companies introduce advanced manufacturing techniques and new technologies to transform their projects.

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Environmentally friendly solution for wind turbine installation

With funding from the Offshore Wind Growth Partnership, the NCC worked with Cedeco to develop an early-stage concept for a composite gripper, which would hold an offshore wind turbine leg in place without so much need for environmentally invasive reinforcement.

3 February 2022


Seismic II takes schools to the next level

Large public works, like schools and hospitals, are increasingly benefitting from the faster delivery of modern methods of construction, such as modular building. The catch is that there are many platforms for modular structures that can prove incompatible, leading to potential waste and increased cost.

3 February 2022


Supporting the micromobility revolution

With exciting partnerships with Transport for West Midlands and companies like Voi Technology, WMG is working on a number of projects in micromobility and its wider integration into transport infrastructure.

3 February 2022

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