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The National Composites Centre the UK’s world leading composites research and development centre – committed to using digitally optimised, sustainable innovation for a net zero future.

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Driving innovation in composites

The National Composites Centre offers access to the latest technology, thinking and the business support to allow companies to make step changes in their innovations, overcome barriers and challenges and accelerate their growth.

Sustainable composites

Composites support the drive to a carbon neutral future through:
• Light-weighting to reduce emissions
• Producing higher performance, longer lasting products

The NCC is working to make these green technologies even more sustainable.

World class digital engineering

The NCC works with organisations to develop and adopt digital capabilities that enable them to progress their engineering transformation journey. Offering access to a range of virtual and physical test beds, expert skills and support.

NCC membership

NCC membership gives access to ‘beyond’ state-of-the-art technology and the best composites engineering capabilities in the world. As well as expert advice from specialist engineers and the opportunity to build relationships with other members.

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Developing the next generation of sustainable composites

At the moment, however, 85% of composites are neither reused nor recycled at the end of their life. Instead, the materials end up in landfill, adding to the world’s growing refuse problem.

3 February 2022


End-to-end hydrogen – supporting critical infrastructure

Hydrogen is a powerful fuel source that has the potential to revolutionise a number of sectors, including transport. With almost zero carbon emissions and a high energy density, this abundant gas promises to be a key element of delivering net zero whilst satisfying the increasing national need for energy.

3 February 2022


Environmentally friendly solution for wind turbine installation

With funding from the Offshore Wind Growth Partnership, the NCC worked with Cedeco to develop an early-stage concept for a composite gripper, which would hold an offshore wind turbine leg in place without so much need for environmentally invasive reinforcement.

3 February 2022


Helping an innovative SME soar

Robop are now looking at what other components can be manufactured using the method developed by the NCC, as well as looking to see if they can bring the manufacturing in-house, which would allow them to upskill their workforce and save costs.

3 February 2022


Magway cuts costs with sustainable bio-composite

The growth in online shopping has exploded in the past decade and with COVID-19 as a backdrop, the one-click delivery of household goods is not only convenient, it’s also safer.

3 February 2022


Leading the Ventilator Challenge

On the 16th of March 2020, the Government asked UK industry to support the NHS in its fight against COVID-19. The VentilatorChallengeUK (VCUK) Consortium, led by the HVM Catapult’s outgoing CEO Dick Elsy and made up of more than 33 businesses from the aerospace, automotive and medical sectors, came together at speed to build medical ventilators.

3 February 2022

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