Smart design: Towards product certification by analysis

We are leading a project to tackle barriers and help accelerate ‘certification by analysis’ capabilities in the UK

Harnessing the potential of digital

Digital technologies and simulation techniques offer significant opportunities to optimise physical testing within existing certification frameworks.

Validating complex net zero products 

Accelerating pathways to certification is critical to the commercial viability and early introduction of net zero generation products that will be manufactured and designed in entirely new ways.

Driving innovation in certification

The traditional ‘make and test’ approach may no longer be the optimum choice. Increasing complexity and the pressure to keep costs and development times competitive demand a review of regulatory and certification frameworks.

The problem with physical testing

A physical ‘make and test’ approach relies on experience, knowledge and large-scale experiments and demonstrators to generate certification data – but in most cases these are prohibitively costly and time-consuming.

In fact, this approach is impossible for some new products.


What is certification by analysis?

Certification by analysis is the testing of products using digital technologies such as computer modelling and simulation, rather than solely relying on physical testing techniques.

For current products, certification by analysis offers manufacturers a significant opportunity to optimise the use of physical testing as they evolve designs, ultimately cutting development costs, reducing waste and accelerating time to market.

Towards certification by analysis

We are leading a project to tackle barriers and help accelerate ‘certification by analysis’ capabilities in the UK – bringing together an expert team from across manufacturing. Representatives from industry, regulators and universities are working together alongside our own experts to lay the foundations for the future of ‘certification by analysis’.

The Towards product certification by analysis project is helping to address the challenges of digital certification, including:

Certification by analysis assessment framework

Structured around six levels, this assessment framework is designed to help manufacturers assess their readiness in relation to making greater use of virtual testing techniques for a given product.

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Roadmap to certification by analysis for composite pressure vessels

The roadmap highlights the engineering skills, systems and processes needed to accelerate use of certification by analysis for composite pressure vessels for hydrogen.

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In-process measurement handbook

The handbook maps manufacturing processes, detailing specific defects, exploring state-of-the-art techniques and inspection methods for post process and in-process measurements, and their associated maturity level. It also highlights the steps required to mature and accelerate in-process measurement techniques.

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