Additive manufacturing (or 3D-printing) is a transformative approach to manufacturing that allows companies to develop complex shapes which often can’t be created by any other process. It’s a valuable tool for manufacturers in every sector, opening up opportunities to cut waste and develop better, more sustainable products. The NMIS-AFRC-led Additive Manufacturing Business Technology Support project sought to grow the Scottish additive manufacturing supply chain, ensuring that more companies could harness the benefits of 3D printing technologies.

RAM Engineering & Tooling was one of the companies to seize this opportunity. NMIS-AFRC helped the Forfar-based engineering company to understand the complexities of the technology and de-risk their plans before adopting it in their business. Use of additive manufacturing within RAM Engineering & Tooling is already starting to pay dividends. The approach has allowed the company to begin offering its customers additive technology alongside its cutting-tools, which has helped it secure valuable orders from new customers across Europe, in Australia and the Middle East.

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