Visualisation and Virtual Reality

Virtual reality refers to a set of techniques in which one interacts with a synthetic (“virtual”) environment that exists solely in the computer. A variant of virtual reality is often called “Visualisation”. This involves the presentation of 3D structures (such as anatomy or molecular structure) in ways that maximize learning.

Visualisation and Virtual Reality (VVR) enables UK manufacturers to visualise their plant, products and processes in ways that were previously out of reach or beyond imagination. The AMRC, MTC, NAMRC and WMG form the core of the High Value Manufacturing Catapult Visualisation and VR Forum. The Forum promotes the use of advanced immersive visualisation to aid manufacturing companies. Recent applications have included factory layout planning, virtual prototyping, assembly training and human factors assessment. The forum also has the capability to hold collaborative design review and training sessions with geographically distributed centres coming together in one shared virtual environment.