A digital future for healthcare

Many pharmaceutical companies have complicated supply chains that are becoming inefficient against increasing and varied demands. Working with partners including GSK and AstraZeneca, the Grand Challenge 2 project at CPI’s Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre aims to deliver a more agile and responsive clinical supply chain and reduce waste. The project has delivered a ground-breaking design that brings Just in Time manufacturing to medicine production: the Pharmacy Automation for Clinical Efficiency (PACE) platform.

The PACE platform is an automated production and packaging line that can complete single patient orders with custom formulations (capsules) and amounts of drug compounds. Using secure data links to transfer information to Qualified Persons for digital certification, we will be able to produce and release medicines direct to patients in real time. This revolutionary approach to medicine production will enable the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors to better serve patients with quick, tailored medicine delivery, cutting waste and lead times whilst ensuring medicines are in the right place at the right time for effective treatment.


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