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Our resources

Based on internationally-benchmarked
best practices, including the renowned
German Fraunhofer approach, the HVM
Catapult strives to secure broadly equal
amounts of income from:

Core public funding from Innovate
UK for long term investment in
infrastructure, expertise and capability

Collaborative R&D projects funded
jointly by the public and private sectors
and awarded on a competitive basis

Commercially funded R&D contracts

Maintaining the funding model in
proportion helps to keep our activity
in an innovation ‘sweet spot’ which
encourages risk-taking, collaboration and
development in areas that are beneficial
for UK industry.

HVM Catapult Income Sources 2020/21

HVM Catapult Collaborative R&D and Commercial Income*


Our sales order book

Total value of our assets

Investment in capital projects and capability during 2020/21

Staff (as FTEs)

*Excluding collaborative R&D in land and build

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