WMG drives future mobility in the West Midlands

With a variety of urban and rural environments and a large transport infrastructure, the West Midlands is the perfect place to develop the future of mobility. WMG plays a pivotal role in creating a regional centre for transport innovation.

With a leading position in the Midlands Future Mobility project, WMG is bringing companies from across the country to a 300km road network to trial ‘Connected and Automated Mobility’ in the real-world. Users are trialling vehicles, systems and infrastructure capturing key data through smart monitoring systems using the latest in wireless connectivity.

WMG’s national Energy Innovation Centre also supports the transport industry in the development of efficient, cheaper, and safer batteries. Its work has attracted the UK Battery Industrialisation Centre to the region, allowing companies to move to high-volume (Gigafactory) battery manufacturing. With the recently opened National Automotive Innovation Centre also demonstrating the long-term commitment of Jaguar Land Rover and Tata Motors to the region, the West Midlands has become the best place for developing clean, green, smart transport.


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