High Value Manufacturing Catapult Annual Review 2020/21

Manufacturing a Clean Green Recovery


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Tackling global challenges

Access new green technologies and processes needed to reach net zero greenhouse emissions by 2050.

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Shaping a healthier society

Access new technologies that can help to keep us healthy, live longer and have a better quality of life.

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Building a green recovery

Access process developments that support success while leading the way to a net zero world.

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Resilience through innovation

Access support for Britain’s smaller firms to commercialise ideas and access new markets across the globe.

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Manufacturing the future workforce

Access our world class research output and manufacturing success in every region of the UK.

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Core public funding

Competitively won Collaborative R&D

Commercial income

HVM Catapult Income Sources 2020/21

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5G Factory of the Future: the smart factory of tomorrow starts today

Efficiency, productivity and sustainability are everything in manufacturing. From advanced product and machine tracking to autonomous warehouse transportation and remote assistance for operators, these digital technologies can help lower production costs, boost productivity and sharpen competitive edge.

3 February 2022


A new £250m PPE supply chain

Like other parts of the UK, Scotland’s critical NHS supply chains were under extreme pressure in 2020. The NMIS-AFRC stepped forward, as part of a Scottish Government led working group, to make sure that supplies were maintained.

3 February 2022


Anti-microbial poles for public transport could help in future pandemics

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic many people have been hesitant about taking public transport. In part, this is due to the potential risk of picking up germs from areas travellers must use, such as the grab-poles on trains, buses and trams.

3 February 2022


Attracting global firms to Renfrewshire

Forging new relationships with both industrial leaders and local communities alike, HVM Catapult’s presence in Renfrewshire is bringing tangible benefits to the region and Scotland as a whole.

3 February 2022


Breakthrough in intelligent robotics

The MTC has made a breakthrough in intelligent robotics by developing a system that can teach itself how to pick up unknown objects, without the need for expensive sensors or lengthy programming.

3 February 2022

Manufacturing A Clean Green Recovery:
the HVM Catapult Annual Review

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