Every day the HVM Catapult has the privilege of working with ambitious small and medium sized businesses with a real appetite to innovate and explore new technologies. We understand that having the right talent is vital to getting the best return for that investment, from shop floor production line workers to leadership teams with the capability and confidence to turn good ideas and strategies into viable, deliverable plans. Because we know that all that too often vital skills are in short supply we have made workforce development and knowledge transfer a key part of our offer to your business.

The HVM Catapult is focused on creating a workforce fit for the future. SMEs can benefit from attending HVM Catapult workshops and conferences, engaging with tailored training programmes specific to the technologies being implemented in your business or simply from working side-by-side with our experienced teams.

Raybloc, MTC

Raybloc, a major manufacturer and installer of high-quality radiation protection products, had seen order times lengthen inhibiting the growth of the business. The firm’s management team turned to the MTC to help them become more responsive and in turn increase its turnover.

The MTC created and supported Raybloc through a development journey to achieve the goals of the business. With the aid of digital tools and up-skilling the team, productivity was increased, and overtime order times reduced by improving visibility and developing accountability in operations. MTC also provided guidance on suitable technology options and the best timing and method of adoption.

Raybloc achieved greater accountability and defined roles and responsibilities for the leadership team. The workforce saw a 50% reduction in lead time from 16 to 8 weeks, reduced production costs by 10% and increased revenue by 10% thanks to their newly competitive lead times.

Heatsense, Nuclear AMRC

Heatsense, the UK’s leading manufacturer of high-performance thermocouple and signal cables for extreme environments, wanted to become a specialist provider to demanding sectors such as nuclear and reduce barriers to new markets under a new and ambitious management team.

The Nuclear AMRC worked with Heatsense through its Fit for Nuclear (F4N) programme, which helps companies prepare to bid for nuclear work. The Nuclear AMRC’s industrial specialist advisors improved the firm’s health and safety culture, supported the introduction of lean manufacturing methods, and developed digital processes on individual production lines to improve efficiency quality and throughput rates.

After being granted F4N status by the Nuclear AMRC, Heatsense has bought an additional plant and equipment, expanded its manufacturing capabilities, employed more staff, and won a number of new high-end customers. With increased leadership skills, the business also successfully delivered its first bespoke order for a nuclear client within one week of the first enquiry, compared with a four-week industry norm.