Modelling and Simulation

Modelling and simulation involves getting information about how something will behave without actually testing it in real life. Models, including emulators, prototypes and stimulators, either statically or over time, are used to develop data to inform managerial or technical decisions.

The HVM Catapult is home to advanced analytical modelling and simulation capability to enable the prediction of system behaviours from a set of initial parameters and conditions. Simulation technology holds tremendous promise for reducing costs, improving quality and shortening the time-to-market for manufactured goods. In fact, modelling and simulation are key strategic technologies to support manufacturing in the 21st century, but unfortunately remain largely underused by industry today. The HVM Modelling and Simulation forum has the following objectives: to act as a focal point for simulation practitioners or users across the High Value Manufacturing Catapult; to build links with simulation users in other Catapult centres; to act as a hub for the wider simulation community; to develop cross-centre Research and Development projects around the application of simulation and modelling to High Value Manufacturing; and to improve standards in the application of simulation across the High Value Manufacturing Catapult. The forum currently has two sub-fora (Operations Management Simulation and Manufacturing Process Simulation) and is tightly linked with the Visualisation forum.