The High Value Manufacturing Catapult works with thousands of small and growing manufacturing companies each year, helping them to improve their business performance by transforming the products they sell, the way they make them, and the skills of their workforce.

Our dedicated SME team provides access to the expertise, experience, facilities and networks that give smaller businesses the confidence to take the next steps into innovation.

Whether you have an idea for a new product, want to make your company more productive or sustainable, or need a hand in moving beyond your current industry market, the HVM Catapult is here for you.

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What we offer

The HVM Catapult is here to help turn great ideas into commercial realities by providing access to world-class research, development facilities and expertise that would otherwise be out of reach for most businesses in the UK.

The HVM Catapult offers:


Access to 3,500 of the UK’s best engineers, scientists and technicians ready to help solve your business challenges.


Access to the specialist equipment and technology you need to develop and test your ideas.


Spanning material technologies, processing and formulation through to high integrity product assembly and validation.


A magnet for conversations and collaborations that will shape tomorrow. We connect SMEs to the UK’s leading supply chains and with government and academic support.


Deep industry understanding and experience allows us to guide your business towards the best outcomes in a fast-changing and competitive world.

Workforce development

Business success starts from within. We are experienced in reskilling and upskilling your current workforce. We also offer access to apprenticeships, knowledge transfer partnerships, training courses and student placements to help build and maintain the high-level skills needed to transform your business.

How can we work together?

Half of our projects are with smaller businesses and we pride ourselves on tailoring and scaling our service to suit your business needs. We’ve outlined some of the ways you could start your innovation journey.


We can arrange a walkthrough (virtual or otherwise) of your facility, meet your engineers and production staff and look at your business processes to help you to identify areas where gains could be made


We offer bespoke support and can talk through your idea in detail, drawing on expertise from across the whole HVM Catapult


We offer access to seminars and workshops to help you decide whether new technologies could offer solutions to the business challenges you face


We can work with your team to explore how innovation could unlock the potential of your business and identify how you can bring your ideas to reality


We can make recommendations on where to find finance and the best funding direction for your project

Case studies

We have worked with companies of all shapes and sizes, and from a broad variety of industries to address their business challenges.


For examples of our work click below.


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