Biodegradable plastics inspired by nature

CPI helped Chestnut Bio reduce single-use plastic with new biodegradable alternative to cable-ties in the agriculture and forestry industries.

Key results

Patent for new materials

Chestnut Bio has secured a patent for its novel biopolymer materials and is commercialising the developed materials.

Securing first sales

Product trials are underway in 35 sites across the UK and Chestnut Bio has made its first commercial sales.


Traditionally, single-use plastic guards and cable ties are used to protect newly planted tree saplings. Though essential, the environmental impact of these guards has long been a cause for concern due to their potential impact on the ecosystem.

At a time when the impact of climate change is front of mind, the agriculture and forestry industries need a solution that can help them move away from single-use plastics to bio-based biodegradable alternatives that can help them to achieve their net zero goals.

That’s where Chestnut Bio comes in. CPI supported the North East-based SME to develop a viable alternative to traditional cable ties using biopolymer formulations that naturally degrade. Utilising our formulation expertise, we were able to connect the dots between innovation and implementation – helping Chestnut Bio to improve performance while reducing manufacturing complexity.

The result is a genuine alternative to single use plastics that can help to reduce the industries’ environmental impact.

And that’s just the beginning. Chestnut Bio is now working to widen its product portfolio, including the encapsulation of active ingredients. It’s in discussions with major global players to supply plant-based biopolymer substitutes for current fossil-based components to help these companies reduce their carbon footprints. 

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