Are we right for each other?

We work with high value manufacturing businesses of all sizes and we do not operate strictly defined eligibility criteria. However, not all businesses are suitable for our support. We operate in the field of high value manufacturing only,  and do not duplicate what other business support agencies in the UK already offer.

If you can answer ‘yes’ to the questions below, our offer may be suitable for you and you may want to contact us centrally, or contact one of our centres.

1 – Do you seek to work on an innovation project that requires new manufacturing solutions that are not (yet) generally available?

2 – Does your project have strong potential to generate jobs and growth in your business and beyond?

3 – Do you have a prototype or other material that proves the principles involved in the solution?

4 –  Do you have the technical/business resources with time available to commit to a project?

5 – Do you have the financial resources to meet your contribution to a project if it were started?

6 – Do you own – or have right of access to – any Intellectual Property required to start the project?


Have you answered YES to most of these questions?

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