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Large Firms

Large Firms

By making its expertise, equipment and wider facilities available, the HVM Catapult offers businesses the opportunity to improve their productivity and competitiveness through the development and adoption of transformative manufacturing and materials capabilities based on the UK’s research excellence.  Working with the HVM Catapult allows a business to strip away the risks of innovation and hold investment decisions until it’s clear that an idea can be scaled up to deliver on a commercial scale.

Small and growing businesses

Small and growing businesses

At the HVM Catapult we’re keen to help SMEs realise their full business potential

  • We help small and growing businesses to scale-up and commercialise their technology
  • Our expertise provides an independent and credible view of your innovation
  • Our sector knowledge and expertise can help you to strengthen your commercial proposition
  • We provide access to our expertise and world-class facilities
  • You gain access to a valuable development partner and its network to accelerate the commercialisation of your technology

Researchers and Academics

Researchers and Academics

Building on the excellent research at Universities and Research establishments in the UK and beyond is fundamental to our objective to remain ahead of the curve of technology advancements and innovation.

  • We work with academic partners on the development and delivery of a wide range of collaborative R&D projects.
  • Many of our centres were founded by universities, some of which went on to host the centre
  • HVM Catapult is engaged in academic collaborations with 57 UK universities and 27 international universities
  • If you think your university has areas of excellence that align with our work and our technology competences, please contact us to start the conversation

Policy makers

Policy makers

The HVM Catapult is a key feature of the UK’s manufacturing and innovation landscape with full government support and cross-party endorsement. We work with a variety of parties and government departments in a number of ways.

  • We speak from a position of knowledge and understanding of UK advanced manufacturing and use our expertise to help shape UK policy.
  • We speak at events, contribute to consultations and meet key stakeholders to develop and disseminate an understanding of the importance of manufacturing to the UK economy and the role of the HVM Catapult in supporting the sector

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