Certification by analysis assessment framework

To accelerate certification by analysis understanding and capabilities, the HVM Catapult, with funding from Innovate UK, assembled a unique team of experts from across manufacturing, universities and certification bodies, to tackle barriers to virtual testing and produce new tools to support manufacturers and certification bodies.

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Product certification readiness

Structured around six levels, this assessment framework is designed to help manufacturers assess their readiness in relation to making greater use of virtual testing techniques for a given product.

The framework is also intended to support discussions with regulators to explore opportunities to improve the certification process.

It consists of three elements:

1. Go/No-go questions

A series of questions relating to the level of understanding of certification by analysis within the organisation, the regulatory framework and the regulator’s ability to audit a proposed certification plan.

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2. Assessment level framework

A framework based around 6 levels describing particular approaches (means of compliance) ranging from physical testing of every product (Level 0 – Proof Testing) to the virtual testing of products using digital technologies (Level 5 – Virtual Certification). These are standardised descriptions applicable across industry sectors and product families to enhance collaboration and ensure consistency of approach.

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3. Attribute scoring

In order for industry to propose alternative means of compliance against specific regulatory requirements there are 5 key attributes against which the certification plan can be scored. These are: Time to market; Cost to market; Industrial capability, Business risk; and Environmental impact.

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Industry to trial framework and feedback

The current framework has been successfully trialled on two pressure vessel use cases as part of the Towards Product Certification by Analysis programme.

The project team is now calling on companies and regulators to come forward and trial the methodology in order to further develop the approach and identify opportunities for wider industrial uptake.

To access the assessment level framework tool or to find out more about the new approach, please contact the project team below.

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