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Please note: due to higher than anticipated demand, applications for sprint projects are currently closed.


Our Smart Factory Innovation Hub pilot helps selected businesses to transform their performance using innovative digital technologies.

Our Smart Factory Innovation Hub enables businesses to test the latest digital manufacturing solutions in a broad range of applications, before investment. We are looking for businesses of all sizes who are eager to embrace the power of digital technologies.

The Made Smarter offering, delivered by the HVM Catapult, is open to all manufacturing sectors from food & drink, to pharmaceuticals or aerospace and uses the HVM Catapult’s world-class equipment and facilities.  With open access to expertise from our Centres and innovative tech providers from across the UK, selected companies will get all the support they need to address live business challenges and move key projects forward. Funded by UKRI’s Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, there is no cost to businesses participating in this pilot.


If selected, businesses can use the Innovation Hub to test digital applications and early-stage technologies in a safe, industry-like environment with expert support. This cuts the risk of deploying digital technologies on your production line.

Funded by:

For manufacturers

  • An environment in which to innovate, develop and de-risk rapidly configurable projects and industrial digital technologies before investing within their own businesses
  • An opportunity to experience new, integrated technology solutions on real-industry use cases and with expert HVM Catapult support


For technology providers

  • An opportunity to test, develop and showcase new technology solutions on real industry example and source feedback to improve their technology offering for the sector



The physical and virtual offering will address industry-wide challenges.

Whether you’re developing a new production technique, want to upgrade your existing kit or would like to understand how data can better inform your decision-making, the Smart Factory Innovation Hub could be for you.

Our Innovation Hub pilot will continue to run during the Covid-19 lockdown. Any projects which require in-person activity at one of our physical testbeds will be undertaken by our experienced team with results communicated via regular virtual meetings.

Industry Challenges

We have physical and virtual spaces dedicated to reducing the risk of implementing new digital manufacturing solutions within your businesses.


From minimising downtime and reducing waste, to connecting legacy systems and optimising production, digital technologies can boost efficiency across your business

Cost & traceability

Digital technologies enable real-time tracking of products and processes allowing businesses to improve supply chain confidence, reduce error and improve quality whilst minimising costs

Product & process development

Business agility is key to success. Digital technologies can help businesses bring new products to market quickly and rapidly scale or repurpose production facilities

Remote working & upskilling

Digital technologies enable you to share skills remotely across your business and operate seamlessly under any circumstances

Data-driven decision-making

Whether in the boardroom or on the factory floor, high quality data can help you have confidence in new investments and adapt your production processes in real-time


Digital technologies can help you cut waste, save energy and identify areas for recycling or reusing materials

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