Annual review 2021 > Shoulder to shoulder with industry

Shoulder to shoulder with industry

Allan Cook CBE
Chair, HVM Catapult

The last year has been a test for UK manufacturing and the wider global economy. With the appropriate restrictions in place, manufacturing output dipped and some sectors ceased to operate. In this most difficult time, the HVM Catapult has shown remarkable resilience, maintaining its focus on innovation and supporting companies to grasp the opportunities presented, despite the odds, and continue to grow.

This success is borne out by the facts. In 2020/21, the HVM Catapult supported 5,897 industrial partners, over half of which were small and medium enterprises with growth potential. These businesses showed great strength in challenging times to develop innovative products and services for their chosen markets.

We stood shoulder to shoulder with industry, both large and small, to deliver 13,437 ventilators to the NHS in its time of need, and we led the UK’s effort for vaccine scale-up, now hosting the COVID-19 vaccine library which is set to support the fight against new variants. And we were instrumental in establishing a £250m supply chain for personal protective equipment (PPE) in Scotland.

We have also continued to work closely with companies across the UK to adapt to a changing industrial landscape, building new UK-based supply chains, making the UK more attractive to new and existing companies, and helping them to deliver cost-effective solutions to their clients at all times.

This year has shown that the HVM Catapult is resilient, capable and able to deliver for the great challenges we face now and in the future.

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