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Together with industrial digitalisation, the UK government’s commitment to the electrification revolution represents the largest shift in industrial skills for the UK in a generation. The need to move quickly, and effectively, to re-skill and up-skill the existing workforce, whilst providing newly skilled workers to fill crucial roles, emphasises the need for a unified national skills structure more than ever before.


Written in partnership by WMG, University of Warwick, High Value Manufacturing Catapult and the Faraday Institution, the Opportunity for a National Electrification Skills Framework and Forum report charts a way forward. Working with industrial partners to identify the key principles and skills needed to make the UK a world leader in battery technology, power electronics, motors and drives, and the clean energy generation, The National Electrification Skills Framework and Forum provides an opportunity to map, design and deliver the training needed to supply these skills for the UK’s workforce.

Electrification Skills Forum

This report is only a first step in the electrification journey. Successful transition requires collaboration between government, industry, providers and individuals. The development and expansion of the existing electrification skills forum will enable the joint effort needed to bring electrification skills training to every corner of the UK.

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