The Knowledge Centre for Materials Chemistry (KCMC), the UK’s innovation broker in materials chemistry and materials science, has released its 2016-2018 financial report, revealing another successful period of exceeding its research income targets.

Underpinning around a third of UK manufacturing, materials chemistry enables the materials innovation required by many key industries to advance society and shape our future world. The work of KCMC in accelerating R&D collaborations between business and academia in the chemistry-using industries is therefore vital for this innovation and in fulfilling the UK’s Industrial Strategy.

Since its inception 9 years ago, KCMC has now surpassed a cumulative total research income of £33 million including industry income of £9.9 million, the report revealed. Other key highlights from the two-year period include facilitating 407 industry engagements with 86% of new introductions being SMEs.

Working closely with multiple research institution partners across the UK, KCMC offer in-depth knowledge and experience of materials chemistry innovation in both academia and industry. The recent addition of a new partner institution, the University of Southampton, and the transfer of KCMC’s hosting to the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI), part of the UK Government’s High Value Manufacturing Catapult, have both expanded KCMC’s impact and furthered its joined-up approach to industry.

KCMC’s successful report demonstrates it’s proven model for research collaboration that facilitates materials chemistry innovation. This delivers direct impact on business performance and ultimately supports UK materials supply chains and the growth of the UK economy.

John Conti-Ramsden, Director of KCMC, said: “KCMC’s role in accelerating R&D collaboration between business and academia has never been more important as we strive to build a more productive knowledge-based economy with robust UK materials chemistry supply chains.”

Nigel Perry, Chief Operating Officer at CPI, said: “I have every confidence that KCMC’s unique approach will continue to feed into and strengthen our abilities and ethos to support innovation in UK industry.”

Read KCMC’s 2016-2018 report here.