Battery experts at WMG were pleased to welcome a special shipment from Austria in the shape of a new MW-scale battery research testing laboratory.

The new high-tech laboratory, measuring 15m by 16m, was lowered into position by WMG’s Energy Innovation Centre (EIC) at the University of Warwick.

This new facility is funded through the Government’s Energy Research Accelerator (ERA) programme. There are three test modules. The first two provide battery pack testing up to a total power of 1MW, 1200V, 2400A. The third test module provides mechanical testing facilities to enable researchers to fully characterise a lithium-ion cell’s mechanical behaviour over its entire temperature and state-of-charge operating range.

Mark Amor-Segan, Principal Engineer, explained: “Battery research is big business. The arrival of our new lab will support our research across various industrial sectors and enable us to offer high power testing in areas including motorsport and grid storage.”

“Throughout the EIC researchers, engineers and academics work side-by-side on crucial work to support UK battery development.”

Find out more about the Energy Innovation Centre here.