The Manufacturing Technology Centre – home of the National Centre for Additive Manufacturing and part of the High Value Manufacturing Catapult – has become the first research and development centre in the UK to install precision equipment for the 3D printing of small and complex electronic components.

The Coventry-based MTC has taken delivery of a Nano Dimension DragonFly LDM precision additive manufacturing system. The new equipment will allow the production of small-scale electronic components used in smart connected devices, as well as multi-layer printed circuit boards and sensors.

AM-Nano Dimension

The innovative technology will be available to all MTC clients, to allow them to take advantage of the speed and cost benefits of the rapid prototyping of electronic components.

MTC technology director Ken Young said the technology further pushed the boundaries of additive manufacturing capability.

“We will use this equipment for advanced applications development, including the production of devices requiring increasingly complex features, high geometric intricacy and very small dimensions. This innovative technology will complement our existing world-leading additive manufacturing capabilities and extend our industry footprint further into the revolutionary research and commercialisation of manufacturing electronic components in this way,”

The DragonFly LDM printing technology is the industry’s only comprehensive additive manufacturing platform for 3D printing of electronic circuitry.

As home to the National Centre for Additive Manufacturing, the MTC brings together one of the most comprehensive combinations of equipment and capability in the UK

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Pictured: The Nano Dimension DragonFly LDM precision additive manufacturing system