Technology Innovation Trends- Dick Elsy reflects at National Manufacturing Conference

Technology Innovation Trends- Dick Elsy reflects at National Manufacturing Conference

During the successful National Manufacturing Conference 2016, Dick Elsy expresses his views on future technology trends, the role of technology in driving up productivity, and the future role of the HVM Catapult.

“The answer to productivity improvement doesn’t lie in everybody working a little bit harder…. Technology revolution is the answer to productivity improvement”

“Were progressively using the knowledge that we’ve gained with automotive and aerospace to roll out some of those technologies to new sectors”

“Aerospace and automotive are big users of the HVM Catapult and are developing some quite radical productivity improvements as a result of that”

“Through Life Engineering, the concept of not just the manufactured product but an entire service, the best example of that is Rolls-Royce Aero, who don’t just make aero engines, they sell an entire service… Selling power by the hour”

“Providing that full servatization- that’s really what new manufacturing is about. Not just making stuff, but the provision of the full service”

“If we take a look at the last 5 years (for the HVM Catapult), we’ve doubled our asset base from £250 million of equipment, facilities and buildings, through now to £500 million worth, of opened sourced equipment and building that industry has access to”

“Every £1 of government money we’ve had, we’ve matched immediately with £4 of funding from elsewhere, from industry/ collaborative projects”

“Most important thing for me particularly, is any of this having an impact on the economy. We’ve had a big economic impact study done and for every £1 of government core funding we’ve had, we know we’ve embedded £15 of value add in the UK economy already”

“What does the next 5 years look like (for the HVM Catapult)? More of the same… we’ve got a successful formula, industry likes it, it’s a provision that they enjoy… Through the results i’ve talked you through, Government has recognised that and through the Comprehensive Spending Review we’ve had continued funding for the next 5 years”

“Why is the HVM Catapult important to today’s (EEF) conference? We (HVM Catapult) work very closely together (EEF), they’re the voice of manufacturing and are a fantastic portal for us to get to, particularly, SMEs. But the theme today is all about how the competitive advantage of UK manufacturing is through technology”

“The HVM Catapult just through what it does, has become the go to place in the UK for advanced manufacturing technologies”

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