Business Secretary Dr Vince Cable announces National College for Advanced Manufacturing

Business Secretary Dr Vince Cable today announced the launch of the National College for Advanced Manufacturing, during his visit to the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre.Developing the skilled workforce of tomorrow, equipped with the knowledge and understanding of emerging technologies, is essential to enabling UK industry to compete in global markets.The Government intends to work with the High Value Manufacturing Catapult and with the EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation to establish a National College for Advanced Manufacturing which will identify the needs of industry and develop training provision to meet those needs.  The High Value Manufacturing Catapult and EEF have agreed to work together with Government to agree the detailed organisational structure of the National College for Advanced Manufacturing. This will be based on autonomous institutions working together under the umbrella of a common National College offer and quality framework.

"The new college will help Britain take several jumps ahead in the race to bridge the skills gap in this country and attract more people to develop a career in engineering and manufacturing, from high level apprenticeships to post-graduate learning. In Britain we're often compared unfavourably with our German counterparts, who have for decades been seen as the leaders in vocational education. This announcement will help redress that balance and do so with a sense of urgency as we look to strengthen our own industrial base for the decades to come. Critically this College will be employer-led and the partnership behind it - between the Department for Business, EEF and the High Value Manufacturing Catapult – will ensure that it is employers who will take the lead in defining and setting the standard that industry expects for higher level qualifications."
Terry Scuoler, Chief Executive, EEF

The National College for Advanced Manufacturing is part of a new wave of employer-led National Colleges to help the UK develop world-class practical skills, with other colleges focusing on digital skills, nuclear, high speed rail, onshore oil and gas, and wind energy. Up to £80 million of capital funding will be matched by employers over 2015-16 and 2016-17 – a potential total investment of £160 million by 2017.

"This is a tremendously important announcement. Ongoing growth and success of high value manufacturing requires us to continually deliver new breakthrough technologies. We can only do that by increasing the number of people entering the industry with the right skills to work on the latest technologies and equipment. The High Value Manufacturing Catapult is at the forefront of the development of new manufacturing technologies and as such, we are extremely well-placed to develop and deliver the kind of skills training that meets current and future industry demand."
Dick Elsy, Chief Executive, High Value Manufacturing Catapult

The National College will be established as a network of hubs that link innovation to training provision. The initial hubs will be the  MTC Lloyds Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre which was the first organisation to adopt the National College approach and now an expanded AMRC Training Centre in Sheffield. Both will be designated as hubs of the National College for Advanced Manufacturing.  Further High Value Manufacturing Catapult training hubs are anticipated in Darlington and Bristol. The National College for Advanced Manufacturing will deliver nationally by identifying and working with the best established providers and engaging with them as spokes of the network.

"Economic growth is underpinned by technological innovation, a strong manufacturing sector and scientific excellence.  The UK can no longer afford to lag behind countries like France and Germany, which have invested heavily in technical skills at the highest level for generations. The National Colleges will function on a par with our most prestigious universities, delivering training that matches the best in the world.  They will help build a strong, balanced economy that delivers opportunities for everyone across all regions in the UK."
Business Secretary Vince Cable

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