Stealth Racer

Case Study Stealth Racer image 4Stealth racer is a company that uses an authentic F1 show car as an advertising aid and is available for hire. The majority of the events that they attend are for corporate customers and typically the car is uniquely branded for each event. The car is linked to race simulation software that is controlled via a force feed back steering wheel and the system also comprises triple display screens and a comprehensive audio system. This car is transported Europe wide to customers’ sites and trade fairs.

Stealth racer were approached by LPT, a manufacturer of laser projectors, to use their car at a large trade fair. Typically vinyl decals are used to decorate the car with a client’s branding; in this case LPT wanted to use laser projection onto the car body in the place of these vinyl decals to demonstrate the capability of their equipment.
The laser projection system requires CAD data for the projection surface, so that the projection can be correctly distorted to suit. As there was no CAD available for the bodywork components, the AMRC set about digitizing the surface and presenting it in a form that could be fed into the laser projection software.

The AMRC had multiple 3D scanning systems to choose from, and so a selection matrix was devised in order to select the most suitable solution.  The Hexagon WLS400M came out as the most favourable, and so was selected for the digitization of the surfaces.

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