PragmatIC – spin out supported to scale-up

PragmatIC Printing Ltd approached CPI with a view to moving its technology to pilot-scale production. CPI supported the company, providing facilities for the pilot production of low volume applications.

Much of the printed electronics industry has been focused on large area applications, such as displays and lighting. For transistor-based printed electronic logic, one of the key challenges is to achieve suitably small feature sizes – just as with silicon chips, smaller features translate directly into higher performance and lower cost.

CPI was able to offer state-of-the-art facilities as well as the technical know how to conduct a feasibility study of PragmatIC’s existing technology and assess commercialisation. CPI brings a number of key benefits to the project including an extensive range of equipment to enable the rapid establishment of a baseline process as well as supporting ongoing process development. The open access facilities enabled PragmatIC to de-risk their process by providing them with access to unique and comprehensible scalable equipment and highly skilled technical support.

From conducting this study with CPI, PragmatIC are given a good indication of the performance of its materials and processes at manufacturing scale and are able to move on to the next stage of the project.

...the public access facility provided by CPI was perfect for us. We needed to scale up, and we were not in a position to do this on our own...[The] de-risking element, the access to world class facilities without huge capital investment, is a crucial part of the journey from concept to commercialisation
Scott White, CEO, PragmatIC

We are keen to leverage our extensive facilities and expertise to assist PragmatIC in moving to commercial production. The P4 initiative works in tandem and complements other activities at CPI, in particular the Integrated Smart Systems line which is ideally suited to combine the PragmatIC’s imprinted logic with other printing and electronics technologies to deliver innovative finished products.
Tom Taylor, CPI’s Director of Printable Electronics

About PragmatIC

PragmatIC printing Ltd is a pioneering company in imprinted logic circuits. Their technology enables intelligence and interactivity to be introduced into a wide range of products and applications in forms that would not be possible using traditional silicon chips. The technology developed by PragmatIC is able to print electronic logic in a variety of forms at very high speeds while dramatically reducing circuit size and simplifying manufacture. This technology opens prospects for low-cost, high-performance printed electronics across a range of applications including smart packaging, security products and novelty items such as greetings cards.

After successfully trialling a number of innovative developments on a smaller scale, PragmatIC was keen to utilise CPI to help take the project onto the next stage.

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