Pashley Cycles Ltd

The Company

Pashley Cycles is England’s longest established bicycle manufacturer. Founded in 1926 and based in Stratford-upon-Avon, its dedicated team design and hand-build a unique range of traditional bicycles and tricycles.


The Challenge

Although a traditional brand, Pashley realise that to continue to grow and develop they must innovate. They had two separate challenges when they initially met with us. The first was the ability to apply decorative finishes and bespoke imagery to metal and plastic parts on their cycles for some upcoming limited edition products. The second was around developing the customer experience associated with their high profile brand across their distributor network, sales process, website, and social media presence.

The Solution

We have expertise in both materials technology and user insights, and so two different projects were set up to support Pashley Cycles with their exciting plans.

Time was spent defining the ‘Personas’ of key customer groups that Pashley supply to and would like to engage with. We conducted a workshop where the customer journey was mapped out with the Pashley team, and key ‘touchpoints’ were identified where Pashley could potentially engage with their customers more effectively.

We also worked together to identify what key activities could be implemented to ensure that the Pashley brand and customer experience is mirrored across different distributor organisations.

In order to apply decorative finishes to the cycles we proposed to trial the process of dye sublimation, a process developed and optimised at WMG. We are currently undertaking trials on a Pashley mudguard to test if the geometry will work using this process, and also on a white part to test if the colour reproduction will be effective using dye sublimation. We will then spend time with Pashley explaining what different finishes and coatings can be used and make recommendations for how they could use the process going forward.

The Results

So far, a number of new ideas have arisen that Pashley can start to work on to build on the experiences that their potential customers have when buying a cycle. New opportunities have been identified which could significantly grow Pashley’s customer and distributor base.

Through the work, five jobs have been safeguarded in the business.

It is an enthusiastic and professional support that a company like ours needs, and we have received this from the WMG SME Team.
Adrian Williams, Managing Director, Pashley Cycles Ltd

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