NCC helps Dymag re-invent the wheel

Their latest wheels are made in one-third of the original cycle‑time and at a reduced cost. The improvement in productivity and unit cost supports Dymag’s aspiration to increase OEM market reach. The wheels are typically 40% lighter than standard cast aluminium wheels and 25% lighter than equivalent forged aluminium wheels, when tested to the same OEM standards. To achieve these improvements the NCC staff optimised design, materials and processing know-how, together with Dymag’s application of knowledge. The team applied design and simulation tools to produce a solution with light weight composites material as an alternative to heavier metal wheels. Application of manufacturing process knowledge at the product design stage has ensured improved repeatability and efficiency. The NCC has provided high standards of product and process prototype development,test and analysis support, and iteration which has led to further work with Dymag to help with refining design and increasing the rate of manufacturing output.

We worked very closely with the NCC in developing our new and patented Boxstrom carbon rim. We are absolutely delighted at the way the market (OEM’s and aftermarket) is responding to the Boxstrom. Thanks to our design and development work in partnership with the NCC the Boxtrom offers a wide range of performance features that make it our lightest, stiffest and strongest carbon composite wheel yet
Chris Shelley, CEO, Dymag

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