MicroChem work with CPI to test, develop and evaluate their SU-8 Material for Gate Dielectric in Organic TFTs.

MicroChem approached CPI with a view to use CPI’s Organic Thin Film Transistor (OTFT) facilities and expertise to test, develop and refine their SU-8 material for gate dielectric.

MicroChem (a Nippon Kayaku group company) develops and manufactures specialty chemicals including photoresists, optical dyes and ancillary materials for MEMS, Microelectronics, Advanced Lithography, Specialty Displays, Packaging, Optoelectronics and other dynamic technology.

SU-8 Introduction

SU-8 is a high aspect ratio, photo patternable permanent epoxy. It’s high crosslink density provides strong chemical resistance, along with high thermal and mechanical durability. Owing to its high optical transparency, SU-8 is an ideal dielectric for both reflective and transmissive back-plane applications. SU-8 is also used extensively in front-plane applications for pixel-walls, barrier layers and spacer technologies.


Working with CPI enabled MicroChem to:

De-risk process development
Reduce capital investment
Screen a number of formulations with respect to
Electrical performance
Analyse the electrical performance of OTFTs
Develop an expertise in organic electronics

"The work that MicroChem completed with CPI enabled us to highlight and improve our novel thinking and strategy. The benefit to MicroChem was that we didn't have OTFT process or test equipment, and our knowledge base is materials not electrical characterisation. Working with CPI filled that gap, allowing us to screen materials de-risking our investment."

Andy Cooper, Business Development Manager, Microchem

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