Medical AMRC’s design skills speed innovative implant system to market

JRI orthopaedics deviceOrthopaedic implant and surgical instrument manufacturer JRI Orthopaedics approached Medical Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (MAMRC) for help developing a device that will allow surgeons to quickly construct implant assemblies for a new orthopaedic system during surgery.

MAMRC researchers used their skills to select suitable medical materials and design the device with JRI’s manufacturing capabilities in mind, considering simple manufacturing approaches, such as designing components to be machined from only one side to reduce production set-up time. They also ensured the device was ergonomically designed to fit in the hand of the surgeon and exert high clamping forces which could be released easily, using one hand.

The MAMRC produced a concept prototype from parts made by SLA printing and machined from stainless steel, which JRI used during consultative meetings to give surgeons an extremely realistic feel for what it would be like to use the device without the need for expensive and time consuming manufacturing procedures.

“The Medical AMRC team were great to work with. They listened in detail to our requirements and understood the issues quickly. Using their range of skills and experience, they delivered a design that fit the brief perfectly. We will be more than happy to work with them again on further projects, and look forward to it.”
JRI Orthopaedics Principal Project Engineer Joel Treen

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