JSC Rotational Ltd

The Company

JSC Rotational Ltd provides quality rotational moulding and assembly services. With over 20 years’ experience in the plastics industry, the company has the technical ability to undertake a wide variety of projects and works in a number of sectors from leisure to automotive.


The Challenge

JSC initially approached us regarding a gaming seat product they were developing for a well-known arcade gaming manufacturer. The manufacturer wanted to make the product for aesthetically pleaseing and more interesting for their customers, and therefore JSC wanted to find out what technology might be available to optimise the rotationally moulded products they provided to the manufacturer.

The Solution

Directors Karen and Mark Drinkwater met with Dr Ben Wood to find out what additional functionality could be incorporated into their seat product. Dr Wood suggested they trial an electroluminescent panel at the front of the seat, which would light up and was a process that would be scalable to their production needs. Trials were undertaken, and whilst this particular material was not used in the final production, the experience of working with WMG created a number of further ideas for development.

Following this project, we investigated the possibility of using JSC’s manufacturing process to produce the casing for a product which requires very high impact resistance. We undertook mechanical testing of samples to the relevant ISO standards, and were able to interpret the results to guide JSC’s manufacturing process and material choice for the new product. Since then the company has collaborated with us and plastics recycling company Boomerang Plastics, to integrate recycled plastic products into their rotational moulding process, as well as how they can reuse non-recyclable materials in their processes. Trials have indicated a number of ways that JSC can be more environmentally friendly and cost efficient. The most recent project has resulted in the creation of an innovative solution to the problem of venting hot air from tooling during rotational moulding. The concept has been proven, so we will now work with JSC to find a suitable medium to high volume manufacturing solution.

The Results

Through working with us, JSC Rotational has developed new processes and products that have added value to the business and to its customers. To date they believe that at least seven jobs have been safeguarded within the business.

Company Name

JSC Rotational Ltd

I think it’s really important for a progressive company to be right at the forefront of any developments in their industry, and working with WMG has really given us that.
Karen Drinkwater, Director, JSC Rotational Ltd

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