Incremental Sheet Forming of Cranial Implants

Pascoe Engineering collaborates with AFRC and the Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board to manufacture titanium cranial implants applying incremental sheet forming; a technique where a metal sheet is formed by a series of small incremental deformations made by a small round tipped tool.

This approach can reduce the manufacturing cycle time from six to eight weeks to five to ten days, thus reducing waiting times and improving patient outcome.

The project is at a stage where several prototypes are being tested. Once successful, the intention is for Pascoe Engineering to provide the implants to the Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board. The national market is the obvious next step.

The Cranial implant project allows Pascoe Engineering to look at new markets for the new skills that the company has developed in Incremental Sheet Forming
Bob Smith, Managing Director, Pascoe Engineering Ltd

This is an attractive technology as it takes advantage of 3D scanning and digital fabrication to provide accurate, patient specific, implants in a much shorter time frame than is possible using current methods
Fraser Walker, Consultant Maxillofacial Prosthetist, Southern General Maxillofacial Laboratory

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