Glenammer Engineering Industrial Test Sieves

The AFRC developed a methodology to enable industrial test sieves manufacturer Glenammer Engineering to accurately measure the mesh dimensions of backingmesh supported sieves. Such accurate measurement is a prerequisite to the in-house certification of all the company’s mesh sizes, which is critically important as the sieves are used in industry sectors and test environments with the most exacting standards. The AFRC used its high-resolution non‑contact measuring equipment to establish the optimum measuring parameters. These were subsequently repeated to demonstrate consistency of the process. Knowing that non-contact optical measurement of mesh size in back‑mesh supported sieves is attainable will help the company explore future innovation and product designs. The results established by AFRC researchers, will allow Glenammer to expand their business and explore developments in product design.

 “We were a bit in awe of working with the AFRC at first but once we sat and discussed our project with their staff our fears evaporated and the whole experience was a very
good one.” Allen Matthews, Director – Glenammer Engineering

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