CPI builds custom production plant for Applied Graphene Materials (AGM)

AGM is a leading innovator and manufacturer of Graphene, based in the North East of the UK. AGM began as a spin-out from Durham University in 2010 and on 20th November 2013 floated on the Alternative Investment Market.

AGM commissioned CPI in the building of a Graphene production plant at Wilton, capable of producing 1 tonne per year of Graphene nanoplatelets, based upon their proprietary production methodology.

Graphene is an incredibly strong and lightweight allotrope of carbon with many appealing properties. At only a single atom thickness, Graphene is so thin that is can be considered two-dimensional, yet despite this it has an incredibly high tensile strength and flexural modulus. It is a superb conductor of heat and electricity (even exceeding the conductivity of copper) and as such can be used in a variety of markets, such as consumer electric products, composites and in paints and coatings, among others. Graphene markets are predicted to be worth more than £800m by 2023.

AGM commissioned CPI in the building of a custom plant based at Wilton, capable of producing up to 1 tonne of Graphene per year, with the potential to expand up to 8 tonnes within 18 months and investigate the potential to further significant scale- up. AGMs recent flotation on the AIM successfully realised the funding to finance this expansion as well as expand the personnel infrastructure to achieve its goals.

"The facilities and support available at Wilton are first class. CPI helped us realise the first step of our vision, scaling up from 0.5kg per week to 1 tpa. This had never been done before and CPI helped us take our conceptual design and turn it into reality. I'm certain that as we look to expand further, CPI will be our partner of choice."

AGM CEO - Jon Mabbitt

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