Supporting the micromobility revolution

With exciting partnerships with Transport for West Midlands and companies like Voi Technology, WMG is working on a number of projects in micromobility and its wider integration into transport infrastructure.

As shown by London’s much-copied cycle hire scheme, shared mobility can save time, avoid congestion, remove parking issues and, crucially, use much less energy than a car journey. It is developments in micromobility, with vehicles such as e-bikes and e-scooters, that enable this type of efficient communal system to work. With rates of car ownership plummeting for the younger generation, there are clear opportunities for businesses offering on-demand micromobility vehicles and, when future regulations allow, personally owned models too. This is a key area where WMG’s expertise shines through.

With exciting partnerships with Transport for West Midlands and companies like Voi Technology, WMG is working on a number of projects in micromobility and its wider integration into transport infrastructure. The WMG team is enabling businesses to trial their solutions within the University of Warwick campus, a ‘mini-city’ with bus interchange, parking, amenities and logistics operations in one bustling environment, which acts as a testbed for future innovations in final mile transport of people and goods. This environment is currently hosting trials for e-scooters, Vehicle-to-Grid technologies and final mile delivery platforms to support the micromobility revolution.


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