Battery of the future powering South Yorkshire investment

The AMRC helped to bring the Ultimate Battery Company to South Yorkshire, along with future economic benefits to the region and a positive environmental contribution to global net zero targets

Ultimate Battery Company in front of F2050

Key points

Better batteries

Future battery technology with predicted benefits over lithium-ion at a reduced cost, enabling twice the energy and a faster charging rate

495 new high-skilled jobs

This project alone will create much needed inward industry investment once the company’s plant opens


Battery technology is a key enabler of the next generation of low carbon vehicles. Anchoring the manufacturing of these technologies to the UK makes the economy more resilient to climate change by diversifying from high carbon industries. It’s important that global battery innovators, like Ultimate Battery Company (UBC), choose the UK for its production facilities. 

After considering 15 locations worldwide, it was the research excellence and production expertise of the AMRC and wider University of Sheffield, alongside relocation support and assistance from the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority (SYMCA) and the Department of International Trade (DIT), that sealed the deal for South Yorkshire to be the home of the UBC’s new production plant. 



The AMRC was chosen by UBC to work on tooling implementation and manufacturing design for a novel, rechargeable, meta-technology battery and was ”a phenomenal asset” in maturing this breakthrough in green energy technology. The battery is aimed to provide lithium-like performance at 35 per cent of the cost, enable twice the energy storage in the same space and provide a faster charging rate. The batteries are also proposed to reduce weight by up to 15Kg per vehicle, as well as driving down CO2 emissions and manufacturing costs, while increasing energy densities. 

It’s crucial HVM Catapult centres like the AMRC excel in work like this. This project alone is aimed to create much needed inward industry investment, with a plan to bring 495 jobs to South Yorkshire, once the company’s plant opens. Not only does this bring future economic benefits to the region, but also makes a positive environmental contribution to global net zero targets.

Stephen Bowles, Theme Lead for Knowledge Exchange, AMRC said:

The Ultimate Battery Company partnered with the AMRC because we have the production expertise to help develop the most effective manufacturing process. We have now proved that the production process works; our next steps are to work together to optimise this as much as possible, thereby reducing costs and time to market.


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