Machining, composite and integrated manufacturing specialists at the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) have joined forces to build what is believed to be the world’s first reconfigurable carbon composite robotic machine tool.

The carbon composite robot project is part of the AMRC’s contribution to the Factory of the Aircraft Future project, backed by the Aerospace Technology Institute, which was established by the government and aerospace industry to sustain and grow an internationally competitive UK aerospace sector.

AMRC composite robot

The project brings together aerospace giant Airbus and system manufacturer Exechon who specialises in Parallel Kinematic Robots, to develop a new lightweight and modular version manufactured and tested by AMRC.

“Making the structure modular and from composite means the robot can be dismantled and moved easily by two people. Potential applications include drilling & milling holes in wings faster and without having to make major investment in purpose-built machine tools”
Ben Morgan, Head of the AMRC’s Integrated Manufacturing Group