Creating a UK supply chain for 3D-printing

Plastic is not the only thing you can 3D-print. Metal additive manufacturing has the potential for delivering better products, reducing time to market, and simplifying the supply chain for many industries, with aerospace leading the way. The disruption of the traditional supply chain provides an opportunity for developing home-grown talent.

We help businesses to exploit this disruption.

The MTC worked with Liberty Steel Specialists (LSS) and seven other partners to develop a range of technologies across the metal powder supply chain. The project, CASCADE, has enabled LSS to establish its first powder production facility and a new supply business, promising to bring up to 50 new jobs to Tees Valley.

With aerospace leading the uptake, it is important to position the UK as the global leader in metal additive manufacturing. Led by the MTC’s National Centre for Additive Manufacturing, the DRAMA project does just that, supporting the wider aerospace supply chain in adopting the technology. Drawing on a wide-ranging consortium, the new DRAMA facility in Coventry provides open-access digital infrastructure for supply chain development. UK companies are now better placed to exploit this technology.


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