The Factory in a Box, a mobile production line

The key to reducing emissions from travel lies not just in the way we power our transport, but in the number of journeys we need to take. One way to minimise the need to travel is to reduce the number of people needed on-site. Developed by the MTC and a team of academic and industrial partners, the ‘Factory in a Box’ could do just that.

Able to be transported independently, with monitoring and control from any location with an internet connection, the ‘Factory in a Box’ is an industrial-scale production line built into a regular shipping container, customisable to production needs. The project demonstrator, produced through Innovate UK’s Energy Research Accelerator programme, has successfully proven the concept for commercial applications, with the technology ready for scaling. This solution can provide a rapid route to market for manufacturing innovation, creating components on-site using local materials, whilst minimising the need to transport people and goods back and forth.


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