SWARM like automated bees - connected and automated mobility

Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM) will make travel safer, cheaper and more sustainable, as well as increasing access for the elderly and disabled. To realise this potential, vehicles will need to communicate with each other effectively.

For this challenge, WMG found inspiration from the animal kingdom in their SWARM project with Aurrigo and Milton Keynes Council. Using the colony behaviours of bees and ants as a template for revolutionary ‘swarm’ intelligence, the team designed processes to effectively manage fleets of autonomous pods with minimal supervision costs. Alongside new sensor technology, this allows the pods to self-organise for many uses.

After a successful public demonstration in January 2020, Aurrigo are now advancing this technology into commercial applications. The first of these is planned to be autonomous luggage vehicles in airports, potentially saving the airline industry millions.


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